What projects can learn from luxury brands when establishing a global presence

Global Coin Ventures often get approached by projects and crypto companies asking how to build a global presence. Building a brand globally is difficult, but building it in crypto is especially hard because the pace and direction in which the various regional ecosystems are developing are completely different. For example, in Asia, we see up […]

Why the Crypto Community Empowers Entrepreneurs and Not Investors

Investing in crypto tokens challenges traditional western investing practices, as we are and will be in a retail-dominated market for the foreseeable future. Building in crypto, on the other hand, unlocks magnitudes of more opportunities for an entrepreneur. Read the rest of the post to understand why. Being an entrepreneur is hard. In the last few days, […]

Global Coin Ventures Partner to Judge at Cheeze Wizards Global Hackathon

One of the best parts of blockchain is the community. Global Coin Ventures is proud to support the Cheeze Wizards hackathon. Sign up here.  Join a global hackathon to build products and businesses on top of Cheeze Wizards’ open ecosystem. Cheeze Wizards, the new battle royale game from the makers of CryptoKitties, is shaping up to be […]